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What do you want this New Year?

Jan 02, 2023

The New Year is a great time to evaluate what we really want, and just as importantly, what we don't.

Maybe things are already on perfect track. They are going the way we want and we want to see that continue. But for most of us, we have goals and dreams that are different this year than last year. Especially in the course creating and coaching world where we like to "shake things up!"

This is just a quick writing prompt to get you thinking about what you'd like this next year. It's more about visioning than goal setting. The idea is to start visualizing the end of the year and where we want to be. 

Once you've written this all down, place it somewhere where you can find it (digital is great too!) and set a reminder in your calender to check this on June 1st. This way you can evaluate how things are going and see if you still feel the same! It's fun to go back and review and you will surprise yourself each time you do this exercise!

Here it is:

  • It's December 31st, 2023 (or a different year if you read this in the future) - what does your day look like?
  • What did you STOP doing this year - example: I stopped working with clients that didn't value me or my time, etc....
  • What are you spending more time doing?
  • How many hours are you working per day?
  • Where are you living, what is your life like? Are things pretty much the same there or were there huge changes?
  • How about your finances, realistically how are those going?
  • How are you helping your clients/customers (e.g. membership, 1-on-1, courses, etc...)
  • What do your customers think of you and your business?
  • How are you reaching your customers - Getting more into the details and the HOW here.

These are just a few questions to get you going, as you write try to let it FLOW from you and don't worry about going back to fix typos or rewrite sentences. It's hard to let go of this but it will keep your mind moving and make the letter so much more natural!

Hopefully this helps you get a clear vision for the year ahead - from this you can set measurable goals to help get to your desired outcome. Don't be afraid to dream big here, this is just about you putting your thoughts and dreams on a sheet of paper. Just remember that it's one year, and a LOT can happen in a year!


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