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Longer sales pages aren't the secret to sales

sales Nov 11, 2022

My sales page takes 30 minutes to read!! It’s SOOO long!

Wow. That’s a lot of time. I bet it’s converting like crazy, right?!

…….. um…….

If this sounds like your sales page, you’re not alone. The trend over the past few years in course creation is that MORE is BETTER. But let’s think about what happens when we write longer pages…

  • Visitors have to scan through MORE to find what they need.
  • There’s MORE writing to convince the visitor to leave and not buy. (The opposite of what we intend!)
  • MORE content has to be made (which isn’t necessary to make a sale in the first place).
  • We tend to repeat ourselves to try and drive home a point, which can be LESS effective.
  • It takes LONGER to build the page.
  • MORE room for writer’s block - leading to a launch delay.

So the next time you’re building a sales page, try and ask yourself ONE simple question:

Is the content I’m writing the same thing over and over?

If you’ve built a long form sales page you might know this feeling. That you are FORCING the content rather than letting it flow naturally. I believe that this can show through on some intangible level.


People can feel if a sales page is authentic or not. They can read between the lines.


The best editors cut as much as possible. They don’t seek to add more. 


The best designers focus on the white space.


But the leading marketers tend to over-complicate everything.


Seek simplicity in content and design and forget about the need to add content for the sake of adding content. Stick to adding ONLY what will HELP your customer.


I’m willing to bet your sales will improve.


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