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Doing the hard things

inspiration Nov 11, 2022

Why is it so hard to do the things that we know we need to do for growth?

After many years venturing down this entrepreneurial path, I’m realizing more and more that I’m the ONLY one who can get in my own way.

That I’m in charge of my decisions and those decisions are on every level, right down to “what should I do right this minute?”

And it’s easy to get in my own way. To avoid the hard things. And sometimes deciding to be STUCK in INDECISION. As James Wedmore say’s, “Indecision is a decision”. Think about that one for a second, it’s so true!

Rather than tackle the hard task that I KNOW AT MY CORE will make a difference, I sometimes opt for the easier route. In these cases I know I’m not doing what I should be. I know the decision I made was to push successes off for another day.

Ditch the small unimportant stuff and go after the hard things that matter.

But how much longer am I (or are you) willing to push off success by taking the “Easy out”?

Researching your audience and making real person to person connections is one of those “hard things”. The things that make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

The ones that are “easy” to avoid.

Let’s make a promise to each-other today to start doing more of the hard things. Because we only grow on the edges of our comfort zone. Never in the middle.

Write down one hard thing you’ve put off below, and if you’re feeling confident, set a date when you will DO that thing. You’ll feel more accomplished just for sharing this!


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