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1% Better Every Day

inspiration Nov 06, 2022

That’s all it takes to see INCREDIBLE and life changing results.

Yet we focus so hard on getting things to happen instantly.

If we take our time and keep our eyes on the prize, we get there. 

But if we focus all our efforts on short quick wins, we usually end up disappointed.

That’s the trouble with so many forms of launching. We put EVERYTHING we have and all our energy into ONE thing, and we expect this GRAND outcome that rarely happens. What if we detached ourselves from the outcome? What if instead we looked at what we are doing here as a real BUSINESS.

Business fueled by launching

When we change our thinking toward the long game, we make smarter decisions and build a sustainable and successful business.

How are you thinking about launches? Do they feel HEAVY? As James Wedmore says, “Launching actually has no weight at all”. WE are the ones creating this feeling.

Let’s focus on 1% better every day. Let’s make smart business decisions and create real results by viewing this as a BUSINESS, and not a short-term play. What’s your 1%? Is it to grow your FB list by 1% per day? Is it to outreach 1% of your people every day? Small gains equal BIG WINS over time.


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